Buyer info

Do not register to bid unless you have funds to pay for the horse immediately and are willing to assume all liability of the horse upon being marked “sold”.
Buyer registration for in person bidding opens at 8am on sale day in the sale office. Phone bidders, please call ahead to register! Internet bidders must be registered & approved online prior to sale time. 
BUYERS – YOU MUST READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE SALE. There are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS of any horses for any reason. At the fall of the hammer, you become fully liable for payment and care of your purchased horse. You enter a legally binding contract when your buyer number is recorded as the winning bidder!  
If you have questions about a horse of interest – CONTACT THE CONSIGNOR! All consignor information is listed on the horse’s consignment page & catalog ad. Schedule test rides, prepurchase exams, and more PRIOR to the auction! 

hauling information

Here is our list of recommended haulers. It is the buyer’s responsibility to coordinate with haulers and have the horse removed from premises by 12pm the day following the sale.
Cowgirl Caddy Transport – Cindy Garcia – 928-285-2577
Cowgirl Up Transport – 781-635-6719
Browns Shires Equine Transport – 812-701-2092
Manny Raber @ Ridgepoint Farm – 314-267-6447
Mile Cikara – Vaquero Ranch Stock
970.821.6139 – Based in Fort Collins, CO.

Payment information

We welcome cash, check, and ACH with the conditions below.  We do not accept credit cards.
1. To pay with a check, you must have good purchasing history with our sale or a proof of funds letter from your bank. 
2. ACH Wire Transfers must be approved & set up prior to the sale with your proof of funds letter & sale office management. A transaction charge of $35 will be added to your total invoice.
3. Online bidders will need to send in a photo of their drivers license & proof of funds letter to to be approved to bid online. Online bidders pay a 10% buyers premium. Phone bidders pay $100 per horse purchased.
Your bank can email your POF Letter to within 30 days of the sale.  
Questions about payment? Call Audrey 970-531-2351.

buyer's fees

10% Buyers Commission on Online Purchases
$100 Phone Bidding Fee per Horse Purchased
0% Buyers Commission on Cash/Check
Overnight stalls after the sale: $40
Health Certificates for horses leaving the state: $50
Buyer Questions & Answers: 

I’ve never been to an auction before, what do I do?

DOWNLOAD THE BUYER’S CHECKLIST! It is a step by step guide to shopping for and buying your first horse at on of our auctions. 


What is required for me to bid?

All bidders must provide a driver’s license or State/Federal Official ID. If you are paying with a check or would like to be approved for a wire transfer, you must furnish a verification of funds letter from your banker. If you have purchased with us before and made good payment, we do not require anything besides your license. If you are paying in cash, we do not require anything besides your license. We do NOT accept credit cards because of the high dollar amounts the horses sell for. Plan ahead !


Where do I find the horses you have available to browse prior to the sale? 

The best place to look is our website. . Horses get added to the website as they are consigned. The majority of horses get uploaded about 3 weeks prior to the sale date, but they roll in on a schedule we don’t control. Otherwise, there are TONS of updates daily on our Facebook & Instagram Pages. The catalog is released 10 days prior to the sale in PDF format online.


Can I see the horses in person?
YES! We strongly recommend booking test rides, pre-purchase exams, and more PRIOR to the sale at the consignor’s discretion. Then, when they come to the sale, you can watch them in the preview at 9am. Do your research before the sale – it is a busy day with lots of buyers trying to look at horses! 


How much?

Horses sell at our auction from $1,000 to $30,000, depending on quality. Some sellers have a reserve, some don’t. Quality, age, breed, and ability all determine price. We recommend you set a budget prior to the sale and come with a top bid in mind. Many sellers will tell you “what it will take” to buy the horse at the sale, but remember that you are bidding against another interested party! 


I’ve heard bad things about auctions. Why would I buy from one?

We work EXTREMELY hard to advertise every bit of information on every horse that we can! We work as a bit of a “third party verification system” for our sellers. We stand by honest people with honest horses. As a buyer, you need to do your research just as you would a private treaty sale. Test ride the horse, book a PPE, talk to the seller, and then call the sale company if you still have questions! We pride ourselves on the horses we offer and do our best to have the “nothing to hide” mentality!

I can’t make it to the sale. What are my options to buy?

  1. Bid online. You will need to email your drivers license and verification of funds letter to to be approved to bid. You will need to arrange hauling for the horse to be removed off property by 12pm on Sunday, with payment sent in full to the sale company. Online buyers pay a 10% buyer’s premium. 

  2. Bid on the phones. Call Audrey at 970-531-2351 to register! We will call you when your horse(s) of interest are in the sale ring. You will need to email your drivers license and verification of funds letter to to be approved to bid. 


Can I see the horses on Friday?

Yes! Most of the horses are on site by 6pm on Friday. We recommend calling consignors to see when they’ll be arriving so you can plan accordingly. 


What is the difference between open horses and catalog horses?

Open session horses generally miss the catalog deadline or folks choose to not advertise them and sell them “as is.” We have several good horses that run through the open sessions. The sale company does not know as much about them as the catalog horses because they are consigned within 48 hours of the sale. We tell the entire story about them when they enter the sale ring, and their information is available for viewing for interested buyers. We encourage buyers to talk to the consignors of these horses for more information. The open sale has a lower selling price average than the catalog sale. Open horses are not featured in the announced preview. 


Hotel recommendations:

In Brighton, we recommend the Best Western or Fairmont. They are about 10 minutes from the fairgrounds on Highway 85. Head to Spicy Tacos for dinner while you’re there – great Mexican food across from the hotels! 

In Montrose, we recommend the Hampton Inn.