Seller info

10% Commission Deducted From Check on All Sold Horses

Catalog & Supplement Fee: $200 (due at time of consignment) INCLUDES stall Fri/Sat

Sale Catalog Deadline is three weeks prior to sale day.

Day Of / Open Consignment Fee: $50 

Open Consignment Advertising: Not offered at this time. 

No Sale Fee on All Horses: $200  

Youtube Uploads: $25 deducted from sellers check. Videos due 10 days prior to sale. 

*Checks are mailed 10 business days after the sale. *

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: 

How do I consign? 

Our consignment process is 100% online through the website. You will need 3 photos of your horse (professional quality STRONGLY recommended), a complete description including accurate height, age, and abilities, registration papers (if applicable), and a credit card to pay your $200 catalog fee!


What is the difference between catalog, supplement, and open consignments?

Catalog: Premier advertising, featured in announced preview, spot in color printed catalog (Due 3.5 weeks prior to sale)

Supplement Session: Advertised on website & with an individual facebook post, featured in announced preview, spot in black & white supplement sheet. Sell after catalog horses. This is for catalog quality horses that miss the original deadline!  

( Deadline: 7 days prior to sale. ) 

Open Session: No advertising. Not featured in announced preview. Online bidding may not be offered based on check in time. Announced & sold through sale ring with information provided by consignor on day of sale. We STRONGLY recommend getting in the catalog or supplement sessions to maximize the dollars for your horse! 


Once I’ve consigned, what happens next?

Once we receive your submission, you will receive an email confirmation that your horse is published. It will include a brief video of what to do now (get a negative coggins & health certificate, check that you have the proper brand paperwork.) Lot numbers & full sale day information will be released the day after the catalog deadline. We encourage you to continue sending us updated photos & videos of your horse. We will always post them so social media for you!


How does CHS market my horse?

All horses that are paid into the catalog sale get their own webpage, a spot on our online sale horse grid, get uploaded to our online bidding platform, and get tremendous social media coverage. We guarantee one individual social media post (Facebook & Instagram) per horse. As the sale gets closer, we feature all horses in group posts to entice buyers from all walks of the industry. We post the group posts to Facebook groups worldwide.  We also run a $30 paid ad on every catalog horse on an advertising platform of our choosing!


What if I catalog a horse but can’t make the sale?

There are no refunds or transfers on catalog fees. 


Where do we keep horses at the sale?

All catalog & supplement horses get a stall for Friday & Saturday included in their catalog fee.  In Brighton, we use Stall Barn 3 (wooden stalls) for horse holding. In Montrose, we use their stalling facilities next to the sale barn & the main stall barns on the west side of the property. There is NO on site supervision of horses from 6pm-7am. 


When do I need to have my horse to the sale?

All catalog & supplement horses need to be on sight Saturday by 9am. We strongly recommend coming in Friday to get check in, tagging, and brand inspection out of the way.  We are available to check horses in Friday from 12-6pm and Saturday 7-11am. Open horses can check in any time. 


Is there a wash stall available? 

Cold water available at all times. Depending on the time of year, the facilities may offer warm water. Bring a hose!




What is the cost to sell a horse?

Commission on all horses is 10%. $200 up front required for catalog & supplement horses. If you opt to “NO SALE”, you must pay an additional $200 to have your brand paperwork released. 

Open Session Horses pay $50 plus 10%, or a $200 “NO SALE” fee. 


Can I send in new photos/videos after consigning?

Yes! You can update your horse’s web page by logging in on the “Consign My Horse Page” and opting to update an existing horse’s ad.  We will use those photos in their advertising! You can also TAG us in social media posts and we will always share them! 


Can I set a reserve on my horse?

Yes. We will ask you for your reserve when you check the horse in. It will not be publicized. 


What is the preview like? 

Catalog horses & supplement horses get a 2 minute announced session in the preview to show off their horse. We do the preview in order of lot numbers in the catalog. You will notify the check in team if you are going to preview or not. We will play music & talk about your horse as you ride it around in front of the public.  We recommend sellers come in with a plan, pattern or routine, bring props, and ride as closely to the camera as possible! If you do not participate in the preview, you are shying away from showing your horse to the public. We strongly recommend participation. 


In Montrose, we’ll have cattle to preview on. There will be some slow roping steers and some to work in the arena in a “down the fence” setting. When you check in your horse at the facility, we will need to know your plan for previewing.